Asian Engagement Practices

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There are many different traditions surrounding bridal in the asian part of the community. Some are quite religious, while others are culturally specific.

The henna service:

In various communities around East, Western and North Africa, the brides and their particular female buddies have a henna party many days prior to actual wedding. This is a chance for them to remember their pre-wedding programs and bond with the other ladies in their community.

Henna and the nikah:

In some heart eastern countries, it is customary for the bride to put on an engagement ring during her marriage ceremony. This is a symbol of her betrothal to her soon-to-be husband and also a promises to marry.

The engagement ring is placed in the right hands and the wedding couple are therefore declared to get betrothed to each other. It is a extremely important ceremony and a sign of their commitment to each other.

Matching outfits:

In Asian and Photography equipment engagement events, it is common just for the star of the event and her maids to decorate matching dresses. This is a method to show admiration for over and her family.

Marital relationship proposal:

In some parts of the Middle East, really for a person to ask his girl friend on her behalf hand in relationship. This can be done through a proposal ceremony or by visiting her house.

Fatiha recital conference:

In certain areas of the Arabic world, it is a custom to hold a Fatiha recital meeting with the family of the bride and the guy dating tips groom. On this meeting, the groom’s eldest male organ formally requests the bride’s dad or the most senior guy member for her turn in marriage.


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